Quantum Computer in the Solid State
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Zurich Instruments Germany

Zurich Instruments Germany is a test & measurement company with the goal of advancing science and supporting the development of useful quantum computers. Zurich Instruments AG was founded in Zurich, Switzerland as a spinoff from ETH Zurich in 2008. The company then opened offices in the US and China. Most recently, Zurich Instruments Germany opened in 2021. In the same year, Zurich Instruments AG was acquired by Rohde & Schwarz, a German technology group with many focuses including test & measurement and secure communication solutions. Zurich Instruments Germany focuses on quantum technology applications and close collaboration with local users.

Role within QSolid

Zurich Instruments Germany develops tools and algorithms for the operation of useful quantum computers. To this end, Zurich Instruments brings forward software integration of room-temperature control electronics. Its team of quantum technology application scientists can connect high-level quantum algorithms with the qubit-specific implementation at the project partners’ sites. In the QSolid project, Zurich Instruments will provide software interfaces and innovation to enable the HPC integration of quantum computers and minimize its idle time.

Our vision for QSolid

It is great for us to be part of the progress of quantum technologies in Germany and to work towards a useful quantum computer with our project partners.

- from Claudius Riek

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Claudius Riek
Dr. Claudius Riek

Lead Scientist

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Dr. Andreas Messner

Application Scientist