Quantum Computer in the Solid State

QSolid Researcher Jens Eisert Shapes the German Debate on Quantum Research

Prof. Dr Jens Eisert from the Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems at FU Berlin leads his own working group, which conducts research on quantum many-body theory, quantum information theory and quantum optics. In QSolid he contributes to the development of hardware integration technology by proposing ideas of and methods for quantum error correction and quantum error mitigation.

Jens Eisert was recently recognised as one of Berlin's 100 most influential scientists by the Berlin daily newspaper Tagesspiegel. Being one of the world's most cited and multi-award-winning scientists in the field of quantum computing and the study of complex quantum systems, he has shaped Berlin's research and education in his field more than almost anyone else in 2023.

The interviews Jens Eisert has given to German science journalists this year are further evidence of his busy work to increase public understanding of how quantum technologies work and their significance for our everyday world. Eisert was a guest on the public radio station rbbKultur in the science talk programme "Gefährliche Gedanken". Here he spoke about the anticipated second quantum revolution and its role in decoding the world. Eisert also had the opportunity to explain his fascination with quantum theory to an interested audience in the education podcast "Der Gipfel der Bildung", to outline the physical principles of quantum technology and to classify expectations of its potential influence on our world.

Please click here for Jens Eisert – Radio Interview

Please click here for Jens Eisert – Podcast Interview

Prof. Dr Jens Eisert of FU Berlin