Quantum Computer in the Solid State
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AdMOS has many years of expertise in the modeling and parameter extraction of CMOS, High Voltage MOS and Power MOS transistors. Through our cooperation partner Keysight Technologies in the US, we have been distributing commercial parameter extraction software for CMOS transistor simulation models worldwide since 1999.

In the field of cryogenics AdMOS has realized CMOS based libraries up to 77K and structure sizes of 180nm as a service.

Furthermore, AdMOS develops complete SPICE simulation libraries for CMOS and GaN processes covering ultra-modern FinFET processes up to discrete power devices. We perform a wide variety of measurements necessary for modeling in our semiconductor measurement laboratory.

Finally, AdMOS offers measurement equipment for the acquisition of low frequency noise for sensors and semiconductor devices. Thus, there is a large experience in the development of extremely low noise measurement amplifiers and in the application of the measurement techniques for different applications.

Role within QSolid

Within the extensive overall project, the sub-project "QSolid_KryoMod - Simulation Models for Highly Integrated Cryogenic Electronics" is located in work package 5 "Engineering for Hardware Integration Provides Tailored Classical Room Temperature Electronics and Cryogenic Electronics" with a focus on cryogenic electronics. The goals of this focus are to lay the foundations for systematic design of optimized circuits using cryo-models, optimized transistors and circuit concepts.

Our subproject concentrates on cryo-models, which are compact models of the transistors of the technology used for circuit simulation. Their formulation is to be modified for the use in the cryogenic area after analysis of the transistor behavior. For further use for circuit design by the partners, it is planned to create a complete PDK (Process Design Kit) for standard and optimized transistors based on the CMOS technology characterized in the cryogenic range.

Our vision for QSolid

The QSolid project is the ideal entry point for AdMOS into the challenging area of MOSFET transistor modeling in the cryogenic temperature range.

- from Thomas Gneiting, Managing Director of AdMOS

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