Quantum Computer in the Solid State
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Role within QSolid

MKS Atotech is responsible for the electrolytic deposition of indium onto suitable superconducting substrates. Indium is needed to connect the sensitive qubit wafer, which represents the logic of the quantum computer, to the interposer and the readout wafer. “The main challenge, however, is to create a set of layers that is compatible with the high demands of superconducting quantum computing,” said Ralf Schmidt, R&D Manager for Semiconductor at Atotech. “The quantum computer requires interconnects that are superconductive at temperatures above 1 K. Our experts at MKS Atotech are developing a process for indium deposition which aims to cover these requirements.”

Our vision for QSolid

We are looking forward to collaborating with the consortium partners to enable quantum computing and to provide solutions by developing new materials that are compatible with the high demands of this new technology.

- from Dr. Ralf Schmidt, R&D Manager Semiconductor

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Dr. Ralf Schmidt

Manager R&D Electronics

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Christian Wendeln

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Head of Technology Management