Quantum Computer in the Solid State
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Racyics® is an experienced System-on-Chip design service provider based in Dresden, Germany. We offer design and implementation services for analog, mixed-signal and digital ICs. Working for leading European semiconductor companies for many years, the Racyics team contributed to numerous successful chip designs down to 10nm feature size for automotive, consumer and communication applications. As GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ channel partner with focus on advanced and leading-edge technologies, Racyics provides access to 28nm, 22nm and 12nm prototyping runs (MPWs). Furthermore, Racyics offers design enablement services for European SMEs and academia.

Role within QSolid

For the QSolid project, Racyics shall investigate the application of adaptive body biasing technology to provide reliable and predictable CMOS control circuits for use at cryogenic temperatures at ultra-low voltage (ULV) operation with minimized power consumption.

Our vision for QSolid

In the field of cryogenic integrated circuits interfacing quantum systems, QSolid provides the environment and partners from both academia and industry to comprehensively address CMOS technology, IP and applications.

- from Jörg Schreiter

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