Quantum Computer in the Solid State
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Forschungszentrum Jülich – PGI-2

PGI-2, “Theoretical Nanoelectronics”, is a department of FZJ that explores the quantum mechanical nature of matter is the basis of all functioning of electronic devices. We use techniques from many-body physics, from quantum statistical physics, and from the mathematics of topology, to analyze the properties of electrons in a wide range of present-day exploratory devices. Our work can enable the development of new qubits, and new approaches to building a quantum computer.

Role within QSolid

PGI-2 will contribute immediately to work out theories of qubit and qubit-coupler designs that lead to extremely high fidelity operation of multi-qubit processors. In later work, our workers will determine future directions for adapting the demonstrator devices to implement quantum error correction, for going towards very high reliability quantum computing.

Our vision for QSolid

QSolid will establish that a public-private partnership can effectively create and exploit superconducting quantum computers, fully competitive with the most powerful private organizations in the world.

- from David DiVincenzo

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